Travel to Nagaland – The Land of Tribes!

Hornbill Festival is must see when travelling to Nagaland for Holidays

Let us take you through the land of the Nagas, The Nagaland. Inhabited by sixteen tribes, it’s one of the most colorful States of India. The Travel to Nagaland for Holidays will be a rewarding and a memorable experience.

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India’s North-East is slowly waking up as a sought after Tourism Destination. It’s a land of immense natural beauty with a plethora of beautiful and breathtaking places. India and the World at large is now curiously looking to explore this well kept beautiful secret of India.

“Nagaland”, the mere mention of the name evokes a sense of mysticism. It is (was) a land of headhunting warrior tribes who dwell in the mountains and forests and for whom their pride is everything! But there is more to Nagas and Nagaland.

Why Nagaland?
The Travel to Nagaland for Holidays is something that should be on the cards of every traveler who is looking for authentic travel experiences. It is culturally rich with as many as sixteen tribes that call Nagaland its home. The identity, traditions and customs of each tribe are different, so are their cuisines, costumes and dances. It can’t get more diverse than this!

Nagaland is a destination to visit for a curious traveler who is looking for an enriching and entertaining experience at a culturally rich distant land. The combination of the hills, natural beauty and the people make it an ideal destination for adventure, trekking and exploration.

My experience :
I had the privilege of visiting Nagaland (and Manipur) in 2019. We (my colleague Rahul Rao and I) visited Manipur in the last week of Nov 2019 so that we could be in time for the famous Hornbill Festival of Nagaland, which begins from 1 Dec every year.

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NAGALAND : Must visit places

1. Hornbill Festival (1-10 Dec. every year)
Nagaland is the land of tribes. There are sixteen of them in this small state! You are sure to be engaged by the fascinating tribal village life in Nagaland. Colorful and unusual, it’s not something that travelers are used to seeing!

Each tribe has their own distinct festivals. Since it is difficult to be present on each / some of these festivals that are separated by dates and geographical locations, the Nagaland Tourism organises this Festival of Festivals! All the tribes of Nagaland take part in this festival. For travelers, it means a closer understanding of all the Tribes of Nagaland and an opportunity to experience their songs, dances, food and customs.

The Hornbill Festival gives the traveler an opportunity to see the traditional Morungs (the dormitory of Naga men whose construction varies for each village / tribe), the arts and crafts, ethnic food (some served in the Morung created at Festival venue), flower shows and herbal medicine stalls. You can also see traditional archery, Naga wrestling and indigenous games.

There is a chilli eating competition too! Bhoot Jolokia or Raja Mircha (an indigenous variety) is supposed to be one of the hottest chillies of the World.

Miss Nagaland beauty contest and evening musical concerts complete the proceedings.


Naga Tribal in traditional costume. Travel to Nagaland for your Holidays. It is a rewarding experience.
Naga Tribal in traditional costume. Travel to Nagaland for your Holidays. It is a rewarding experience.

2. War Cemetery
The Kohima War Cemetery is located in the center of Kohima city. The Battle of Kohima was the turning point in World War II. Kohima War Cemetery is a memorial dedicated to the Allied soldiers who died in the Second World War at Kohima.

3. Dzukou Valley
A day trek to Dzukou Valley is a must for a hiking enthusiast. It has a unique and stunning grassland that is surrounded by hill tops. You may choose your hike as moderate or challenging. It is a rewarding experience.

4. Khonoma
Khonoma is the first Green Village of Asia. It is spearheading community-led conservation in India. Located only 20 kms from Kohima, a visit to the village offers tourists an opportunity to interact with the people of the local Angami tribe and learn about their lifestyle.
We were able to take a half-day tour to the Village. Our guide Viko welcomed us for a guided walk and explained as to how they have succeeded in creating a more conserved and sustainable ecosystem for themselves. He took us around and showed us the traditional Morung (a dormitory for Naga male youths where they learn about the traditional Naga lifestyle, their history, customs and life skills) and a Fort (where a fierce battle was fought between British and Nagas in the 19th Century).
You can buy the traditional Naga Textile from a local weaver. We did!
We ended up taking images of beautiful yellow flowers at the backdrop of verdant valleys and of terraced farms at Sunset.
It had not been easy for the villagers to shift to a lifestyle that was devoid of hunting into the adjoining forests. This makes their feat more creditable.

Terraced fields at Khonoma, Nagaland
Terraced fields at Khonoma, Nagaland


Khonoma Fort, Khonoma, Nagaland
Khonoma Fort, Khonoma, Nagaland


Over the clouds at Khonoma, Nagaland
Over the clouds at Khonoma, Nagaland

5. Visits to Phüsachodü Village and Zhavame Village
These are two of the most beautiful Naga Villages that can be visited to experience the lifestyle of Nagas. The experience will be immersive and the images beautiful.

The Travel to Nagaland for Holidays is a great idea! These five reasons and images should convince you to put Nagaland as a must see destination in your bucket list. Do get in touch with us.

Author : Rahul Bhusari
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