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Have you ever considered taking a cruise holiday? and are still in doubt about it? This is a must-read for you.

Holidays…. Every time I think of a holiday, I imagine it to be absolutely calm and peaceful. If you also look forward to “just-chill holidays” where the key idea is to relax, rejuvenate and experience and not necessarily to “sightsee”? We can actually sail in the same boat 🙂 

Many of my friends like active travel. They will plan for trekking, adventure activities and many things to do and see. This type of holiday is fine with me as long as they do not involve me!!! I am more of a leisure traveler. Putting alarms for early mornings so as not to miss the pick up for your sightseeing planned, isn’t my idea of a holiday.

I have a simple question for those who love such travels. With a holiday so hectic, don’t you feel like taking a holiday again just to clear all the travel fatigue?!!!

Now imagine, you are just relaxing, pampering yourself with lots of food varieties, waking up everyday to a new city, enjoy breezy nights under the starry sky without bothering about your safety at that place. Sounds exciting, Right? Welcome to my kind of holiday…a Cruise Holiday!!! 

There was a time when I was completely unaware about cruising holiday. I could only relate to Titanic when I first heard about being on a cruise. I thought it’s only useful for traveling from one place to another and why do that when I can simply fly! Why should one go on a cruise? Now that I have grown wiser, or so I would like to believe, let me give you many reasons to opt for a Cruise holiday instead of more conventional land holidays. Especially if you are a true leisure traveler…!

Why should you go cruising?

1. The view outside your window or balcony of Cruise is constantly changing 

How many times do you remember that you are simply sitting and enjoying the view out of your home window? More often than not, the urban view from your window is not good! If it is, well it’s the same everyday!
On a Cruise though, you have an opportunity to spend all your mornings enjoying the beauty of the sea or passing towns and arriving ports.  You’ll never get bored with the view out your window. With the ship constantly on the move, the scene changes continuously. From sweeping views of ports to the hypnotic movement of the ocean while at sea, the view is always different.

Even though cities sleep, cruises are never asleep. There is something happening every now and then. What else would one want from his/her holidays?!

Capture the ever changing view outside your balcony
Wake up to the new city every morning!! Be it morning or evening view out of your balcony or window will never be the same (PC – Unsplash Elmer Canas)

2. Cruises offer ALL INCLUSIVE Fares

To have a great land holiday, you have to book a good category of hotel in each city, you will have to take care of all the sightseeing planning, you will have to see where to eat and are there any good restaurants available near to your hotel? How would you be traveling between cities? And the list of such questions is endless. 

On the contrary booking a cruise takes care of all such problems. Cruises offer great accommodation, a variety of food and multiple cuisines 24×7, evening entertainment shows are also included. You will also be traveling to different cities onboard the cruise. If we calculate the cost of the above inclusions, the average cost for cruise per night is less than USD100 per person. On top of that, on some Cruises, kids sail free, sharing the room with parents. Very frequently, Cruises offer promotional fares and discounts on 2nd and 3rd passengers. Isn’t that a great value?

3. Avoid the hassle of frequent check-ins and check-outs

A leisure traveler does not believe in traveling light because there is nothing less or more important for him/her, everything is equally important! This is a major concern on a Land Holiday where you not only have to physically move the bags but also pack and unpack every time you check out from a hotel and check-in into the next one!

On a cruise though, you are required to unpack and pack only once which will ultimately result in saving your time. Why spend time packing-unpacking when you can simply wake up to find yourself at a new city port every day?

Packing and unpacking takes lots of time out of your holiday... Save it by being on cruise holiday
Cruise Holiday saves your hassle of packing and unpacking at every other destination! (PC – Unsplash)


4. A cruise holiday is great fun for the entire family

You will not have to worry even if you are traveling with your toddler(s), teen(s) or even with grandparents. Cruises have entertainment facilities to suit every age group. Kids will have their play areas with friendly babysitters. Usually, they have games and fun sessions planned for them. Teenagers will have video game rooms, water slides, swimming pools and even adventure activities on board, young couples can enjoy evening dance performances at theaters, grandparents or senior citizens can enjoy their dinner with live music. OR the entire family can watch movies under the open sky! There are numerous entertainment options onboard to choose from!

Cruises Holidays are best suitable to families
Families spent most leisure time together on a cruise holiday. (PC – Jalesh, Karnika)

5. World-class cuisines onboard 

Depending on the size of the ship there are multiple dining options to suit every mood. If you are a fast food person who loves your Pizza, Burgers and Ice-creams, its counters are open 24×7. When you are in a mood to have a traditional sit-down menu while dressed formally with your partner, that option is there too! Or if you are a fitness freak and want to follow a healthy diet of salads and soups, they will serve you that too!. Even local delicacies and exotic foods are served fresh after visiting the port. To put it simply, they will spoil you with choices! 

Explore World class dining option on your cruise holiday
You will have to take extra efforts after your cruise holidays to shred off extra pounds gained while enjoying world-class cuisines onboard. (PC- Silverseas cruises)

6. Cruises are ideal for honeymooners

Since cruises provide hassle-free travel you will have a lot of time to spend with your partner. You will always have the option of skipping local sightseeing (when ashore) and enjoying more time with each other. Evenings are more romantic. You can simply relax on ope-to-sky lounge chairs or in your private balcony, listening to the sound of waves on absolutely quiet nights. Or even plan for surprise candlelight dinners and get to know each other better with fun activities on board. If looking forward to learning something different, join a Yoga session or cooking session for fun and make many memories at sea.

7. Ships are floating cities 

Nowadays, cruise ships are massive. With newer launches, they are getting better at the facilities, entertainment options, and adventure activities. Everything that would need is available onboard; general store, medical shop, doctors in case of emergency, gyms, movie screens, spa, swimming pool and theaters. WIFI onboard is available and not-so-expensive. You can stay connected with the world through social media and keep everyone posted with happy selfies and magical sunsets or sunrises. 

Cruise holidays will never let you feel lonely
Cruises are massive and they have anything you need available on board! (PC – Unsplash Bradon Nelson)

8. Ships come in all shapes and sizes 

It is not mandatory to be on a massive ship which many think is “crowded” because the capacity could be around 5000 people! For them, there are smaller cruises that offer even more luxury and personalized services. If you are an evolved traveler and keen to try something different, you can opt for river cruises or for that matter even expedition cruises that can take you to as far as Antarctica! Both the experiences, River Cruises and Expedition Cruises, are a must-have in the life of a discerning leisure traveler.

9. A cruise holiday is full of socializing opportunities 

The person sitting next to you at the dinner table could very well be from a small city in Europe. A pleasant conversation with him could reveal a lot about the land that he comes from, their culture, their stories and their life. 

Travelers on cruises are from across the globe. The countries they represent may be hostile to other countries on the globe, but not on the Cruise. They not only co-exist here but enjoy collectively. On Cruise, you can make friends from anywhere, from any culture. You can connect with common interests and also can plan to sightsee together when the Ship is ashore. There have been examples of great long term relationships that started at sea. You meet as strangers when you board and leave as friends when the Holiday is over. This way you have new friends throughout the world! Isn’t that great?

10. You do not have to constantly pinch your pocket

Since you have all meals and most of the entertainment shows prepaid in your cruise cost, you will have a good control over your free-floating expenses. Cruises do not offer cash at various points of sales. Your purchase is added to your Cruise Card and you need to settle it only once creating a hassle-free experience. 

Once you have been exposed to all the possible fun on your first Cruise Holiday, you will look forward to your next Holiday…on another Cruise…again!

Cruise holidays are light on budget yet offers great luxury
If you actually want to travel without compromising on service standards? and yet want to save for the next travel? Cruise Holidays are best suitable for you.

So, like me, you should also opt for a Cruise Holiday for a genuine and fun-filled leisure holiday. I rest my case!!! 😀 

Author: Harshada Shende
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