First Holiday to Europe? Read This.

Through this blog post, I will help you plan your “First Holiday to Europe”

There is a Asian Proverb “ It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”. This is so apt for Europe!

Right from my childhood, I have heard about Europe. Our history books have “Europe” written all over it. The traders who would go on to be the rulers of the distant lands is where the European history begins for an average Indian. It then continues to the two World Wars. This is the land that could not escape harrowing holocaust experiences, yet this is also the land or “Renaissance”!  

Along with this history, I grew up seeing the beautiful images of iconic Eiffel Tower and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s perhaps then that I decided that Europe is a destination that I should see once and so I did, only to realize that once is not enough!!! 

Yes, Europe has magnificent history, culture, and heritage. It has iconic buildings and the haunted castles. It is also a land of fashion, literature, architecture, music, art making it a dream destination for every traveler. 

Every Country in Europe has something unique to offer which makes this destination “simply amazing”. The introduction of a Schengen Visa has practically made Europe border free. So, not only is the destination Amazing, but also travel all over is very easy.

Based on my travels, these are the below destinations that I Recommend to a “First Time Traveler to Europe”. Hope this is useful to plan you first holiday to Europe 

1) Combination itinerary of Paris and Amsterdam : The amazing Eiffel tower and the grand Louvre. This is a tick mark that everyone wants off their bucket list. Paris undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Anne Frank’s house, Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and the famous Windmills of Netherlands are a few must visit place in the summers. You may add London to the itinerary should you have more time. You can experience the Euro-star railway which goes through the English Channel. 

Do note that a separate visa for the UK is required. 

This itinerary is popular among Indian travelers and more often than not, they choose this for their first Holiday to Europe
Please CLICK HERE to check the itinerary for Paris – Amsterdam Combination.

Eiffel Tower in Paris is a must visit monument in your First Holiday to Europe
Eiffel Tower in Paris is a must visit monument in your First Holiday to Europe. Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

 2) Combination of Paris and Switzerland : Another unique feature about Paris is the Disneyland, something very exciting for kids and adults alike. You can then get lost in the amazing Swiss alps! However you will not be able to escape Indian food though, it’s available on the top of Mt. Titlis! 😀
Since this itinerary is a combination of a beautiful City (Paris) and nature (Switzerland), it is popular among Indian travelers as their choice for their first Holiday to Europe. 

Please CLICK HERE to check the itinerary for Switzerland – Paris Combination.

First Holiday to Europe is incomplete with visit to Alps!
First Holiday to Europe is incomplete with visit to Alps! Photo by Thomas Vitali from Pexels

3) Italy : This country has everything to offer. Right from Nature, Vineyards to Culturally  relevant holy city of Vatican. You will not be let down in Italy. The gondola rides are the best way to explore the canals of Venice. When in Florence, you must visit Leaning tower of Pisa and the Colosseum while in Rome. 

Please CLICK HERE to check the itinerary for Italy.

Leaning Tower at Pisa
Leaning Tower at Pisa. Your first holiday to Europe must have a selfie in front of this iconic monument. Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

4) Austria : With 3 main attractions ( Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck) Austria will give you a mesmerizing take on Lakes and Mountains which is a lifetime experience.
Please CLICK HERE to check the itinerary for Austria. 

Austria : Lakes and Mountains
Lakes and Mountains galore. @Austria. Photo by Aliaksandra Liebers from Pexels.

A few points to remember before you start planning :

  • It’s roughly a 9-10 hours journey to reach your destination in Europe from India.
  • Like India different states have different languages, European countries also have different languages and dialects. English is widely spoken and all the tours will come with a English speaking guide. This will be a little rare in some interior villages if you are planning sometime offbeat.
  • Schengen visa is mandatory to travel to Europe. Exceptions if you are a UK or US citizen.
  • Train connectivity from one place to another is quite good and the train journeys are scenic.
  • Indian and Vegetarian food is available in most of the major cities. 

Practically every tourist destination in Europe is Traveler Friendly. You may choose any Country in Europe, its sure to give you amazing landscapes and photos and loads of great memories. Although expensive, it is worth spending your hard earned money on an experience you will never forget.  

This is all I have to say to the First Time Travelers to Europe from India and I will be happy to help you plan your holidays to Europe. We can be reached on +91.20.66447777, You may Click Here to chat with us on Whats App

Be there once and I assure you that your First Time will surely not be your Last!

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Author : Sachin Deshmukh
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